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In 1983, the Chinese government made a list of the "142 Key Buddhist Temples in the Han Area of China."

I learned of the list in summer of 2009, and have been visiting them during my holidays ever since [that is, until 2012].

I have now visited 132 of the 142, with plans to visit the remainder soon.

This page features images and descriptions from my "epic" three-year journey(s) to these sometimes exquisite, always interesting temples.

I have reposted here articles that I have written (and am still writing) for posting on the Travel page of the Shenzhen Daily, the newspaper for the city where I currently (April, 2014) live.

NOTE: By June of 2015 I had written of all the temples visited so far; I still have 10 to go. Later in that same year, I left Shenzhen and moved to the Philippines, from where I continue to update this blog. I am still writing for the Daily, though; the new series is called "Temple Tales" and give details on some of the things you'll see in temple visits. I'll eventually post those, too!


Google Maps are subject to "drift," where features seemingly move about the surface of the earth. Furthermore, the "Satellite" (or, now, "Earth") view and the "Map" view are often out of synch in China (probably due to lack of coordination between providers). For this reason the maps on the pages may not be accurate. Apologies! I did my best at the time. If you need better information, contact me, and I'll try to help.


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